The lifeguard

Per the film’s director and writer, Liz G. Garcia and, we are so happy to share that Sendhil’s latest film, The Lifeguard has acquired a domestic distributors in Focus World and Screen Media Films.

“We’re thrilled to team up with Focus World on Liz’s really special, unique film,” Screen Media President Suzanne Blech said in a statement. “I think the journey that Kristen’s character takes is one that so many can relate to, and both Focus and Screen cannot wait to share this with audiences around the country. Kristen’s fans, in particular, we believe are going to be thrilled to see her in new kind of role that’s at once fun, exciting, funny, and challenging.”

The film is slated to open in Summer 2013.

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Gabe Lowen is new to the Beauty and the Beast scene, but we can tell already that he’s not just an assistant district attorney. Speaking to Wetpaint Entertainment exclusively, actor Sendhil Ramamurthy (also known for roles on Heroes and Covert Affairs) talks about Gabe’s agenda.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Tell us how you landed on the show.
Sendhil Ramamurthy: They called up, just before Christmas, and said, “We’ve written this character, and we’d like for you to play him.” I wasn’t familiar with the show at that point, so the folks at CW and CBS sent me some episodes to look at. And I watched it, and it was very much a procedural cop drama. And I wasn’t quite sure where the character that they were talking to me about would really fit into the show. So that was my big concern, and then they put me onto a conference call with the executive producers of the show, and I said, “Listen. What I saw looks cool, and it looks like you’ve got this great love story going on with Vincent and Catherine. I think that’s really great and it really works, but I don’t know where an assistant district attorney fits into this whole story. Can you illuminate it for me?” And they were like “Well, it’s because we’re changing up the direction of the show, and that’s where this character is going to come in. We’re going to start exploring a lot more of the mythology behind the show and get deeper in Muirfield and make it slightly more serialized. And we’re going to amp up all the stakes, and that’s where this character comes in.” So right there, it kind of piqued my interest because, like I said, I just didn’t know where the character would fit in.

You don’t want to come in and solve the crime of the week?
Exactly. Then it’s like Law & Order, and there’s already Law & Order. So why are we doing it? So they kind of assured me that that wasn’t the case. And then they were like, “This guy’s ambitious.” And I was like, “Well, is his motivating force ambition? Because I’ve played characters where the motivating force is ambition, and that’s just not very compelling. Nobody cares that somebody’s ambitious just for the sake of being ambitious. It’s one-note. So is there something else there for the character?” And they gave me a resounding yes. There is absolutely more there. That’s just the surface. His ambition is really just a cover. And right away, I was like “Alright. I’m in. Let’s do it.”

Well, lay it out for us. Who is he?

Well, he is the assistant district attorney, and he walks into the precinct, and you’re introduced to him, and he says, “Okay. I’m here, and you’re all terrible at your job. I’m here to fix your screw-ups.” So right away, he ruffles feathers. He pisses people off. And obviously, nobody likes being told they’re doing a bad job, and so, right away, people don’t like it. Catherine’s suspicious of it. Tess is suspicious of it. Joe is suspicious of it. And then, at the end of the last episode you kind of find out what his plan is for solving this situation. You think you’ve got this guy figured out. And then, you see that he’s actually really kind of overzealous. There’s ambition, and then there’s this, which is potentially like going off the deep end. Why is he so aggressive? Why is he so in your face about getting this vigilante and bringing him to justice? And then, as his backstory is revealed, and you find out a bit about his past, you find out actually that Gabe has a connection to Catherine’s past. It’s a very cool scene. It’s one six-page scene that we shot straight through. It’s like doing a play. It’s like filming a scene in a play, and you never do that on television. For those who don’t know, you always break things up, and you shoot it in little chunks and whatever. But this director that we’re working with, Mike Rohl — who is fantastic — said, “We’re going to do it straight through.” So thank God we knew our lines, Kristin and I. So much backstory comes out for Gabe and for Catherine because they don’t know. They both realize a connection to Catherine’s past.

So the blurb says that there’s an attraction to Cat. Is the threat to Vincent as a result of that, or does he actually have a connection to Vincent through sources?
Aren’t you clever? There are connections to everybody. Let’s say that. Not a connection that I think people will realize at first; but through Catherine, I would say, there’s a connection. I think I can say that.

But it’s not a jealousy thing. Like, oh, he has the hots for this chick, and as a result…
No, no, no. That would be very kind of Sweet Valley High-ish. That’s certainly not where the story is going. The relationship between Catherine and Vincent, that’s the heart of the show. I don’t see that changing. The relationship between Catherine and Gabe is very adversarial at first, and there’s some flirtation, but it’s more Gabe trying to get information out of her.

It seems more manipulative than a love connection.

Gabe senses that Catherine is hiding something. And then as the episodes go on, Catherine senses that Gabe is hiding something. So they’re playing this cat-and mouse game trying to figure each other out, and then when this bombshell is dropped that they have a connection from their past, then it’s can-open-worms everywhere. How is this going to play out? And I have the next episode sitting in front of me. It was placed in front of me just like while I’ve been doing these interviews, and the last page of it is — it’s awesome. It’s really cool. There’s a huge reveal at the end of the ninth episode which I think is going to surprise the H‑E-double-hockey sticks out of everybody. Yeah, it’s good. It’s all good.

Beauty and the Beast airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on The CW.

The Moet & Chandon Suite at the 2012 US Open - Day 3

We are SO pleased to share with you that Sendhil (as well as Redfoo from LMFAO) have entered the 2013 US Open National Playoffs, the United States Tennis Association (USTA) announced today.

USTA reports that Redfoo will play on NoCal Section for US Open national Playoffs. Sendhil Ramamurthy of “Heroes” will play in Eastern Section.

Ramamurthy, 38, was a competitive junior tennis player in Texas who had dreams of going pro before going into acting. Perhaps best known for playing Dr. Mohinder Suresh on NBC’s “Heroes,” Ramamurthy has also co-starred on the TV shows “Covert Affairs,” “The Office,” and in the current “Beauty and the Beast.” In film, his feature credits include “Brahmin Bulls” and “The Lifeguard.”

“I’m psyched to compete in this year’s US Open National Playoffs,” said Ramamurthy. “Since I was a young player, I always dreamed of snagging a spot at the Open. I am also excited to play on the grounds of the US Open, where all of the action happens and where there is so much US Open history.”

As soon as we have more information, we’ll report it!

Actor Sendhil Ramamurthy has joined the cast of The CW drama series Beauty and the Beast, as new Assistant District Attorney Gabe Lowan. Ramping things up as the show heads towards its season finale, he arrives at the precinct where Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk) works, suspicious that cases involving the vigilante are being mishandled and wanting answers, while Cat is determined to protect Vincent (Jay Ryan), at any cost.

During this recent exclusive phone interview with Collider, Sendhil Ramamurthy talked about how he came to be a part of the show, that the story is becoming slightly more serialized in the back nine episodes, the appeal of his character and the mysterious backstory that will be revealed, the fun of getting to be the antagonist that causes some trouble, how freeing the sci-fi/fantasy genre is, and that there are very dramatic twists and turns to come. He also talked about the feature film Brahmin Bulls, about a disillusioned architect and his distant father who come together after many years, which he starred in and co-produced. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

Collider: How did this all come about for you? Were you actively looking to join another show, or did they come to you with this role?

SENDHIL RAMAMURTHY: I wasn’t, actually. Last year, I recurred on a couple of shows, but I put all of my time and energy into co-producing and starring in my own movie, called Brahmin Bulls. I’m really, really excited about that. That’s a departure for me, as far as the character I played, and it’s the first thing that I co-produced. It’s with this great director, Mahesh Pailoor, who I’ve worked with before on shorts, and this is his feature debut. It’s a really sweet story about a father and a son, and I’m really, really proud of that. I can’t wait for people to see it. So, after I came off of Covert Affairs, I literally just focused on that. I recurred on The Office and did a few little things like that, but I really just put my focus on this movie that we just finished and are submitting to festivals. I was actually looking to take a break from television. I didn’t do any meetings for TV, at all, last year. And then, right before Christmas, they called and said, “Listen, there’s this part that’s coming up and we’d like you to play it.”

Had you been aware of Beauty and the Beast, at all?

RAMAMURTHY: No, I wasn’t familiar with the show, at that point. So, the people at The CW and CBS sent me a few episodes to have a look at, and I watched it and saw all the potential there. It was quite procedural, in nature. It was pretty much a procedural cop drama with this love story at the center of it. And the, I got onto a conference call with all the executive producers of the show, and they pitched the character to me and revealed that they were actually going to start taking the show in a different direction, and that it was going to be slightly more serialized and that that’s where this character was going to come in. It feels like this show has really come into its own, in these back nine episodes. It’s different, in ways, but the core of it is still that relationship with Catherine and Vincent. Jay [Ryan] and Kristin [Kreuk] play that so well that you don’t want to mess with that.

That’s still there, and always will be there, as it should be. What has become different, with the addition of this character, and also just the direction that all the other surrounding characters have been taken, is that all the stakes get raised and the danger factor gets raised, big time. There are going to be some sad moments coming up, that I don’t think the audience will see coming. I certainly didn’t see them coming. And there are going to be developments with the other characters, and the character that I play, Gabe, that will be really satisfying. I think the writers did a really great job of the way that they parse out information.

It’s also the result of where my character comes in. When you come in, in the back nine episodes, you’re ramping up towards the season finale, so you get to have juicy tidbits of information parsed out to you in every episode. That’s always great, as a viewer, and it’s also great, as an actor. As an actor, you know when you’re treading water, and I’ve been there. You’re twiddling your thumbs, really trying to wait until you can reveal the next chunk of information about your character or storyline, and there hasn’t been any of that, certainly not for Gabe, and not for the other characters either. Everything gets ramped up, in these last nine episodes. I don’t want to say it’s a different show ‘cause it’s not, but the other elements of the show change slightly, and change for the good. It will ultimately be very satisfying for the audience ‘cause it was satisfying for me. I always try to read each episode, for the first time, as an audience member. I read it straight through, not for my character or any of the other characters, just as story and, with each episode, I finished my initial read very satisfied. I’m satisfied that, so far, I’m alive. Long may that continue.

Because of who your character is and what his purpose on the show is, he’s throwing a bit of a wrench between Catherine and Vincent. Is it a little nerve-wracking to be the guy in the middle of that, or is it just plain fun to get to cause some trouble?

RAMAMURTHY: Yeah, it is. He’s the new Assistant District Attorney and, within about two minutes of him being introduced, he more or less tells everybody, “I think you’re doing a really crappy job. I don’t think you’re doing your job well. Why haven’t you caught the vigilante? Why has there been another murder? Why, on top of it all, has it been Joe Bishop’s brother who has been murdered? Your own police lieutenant’s brother has been murdered, and you guys aren’t doing anything about it, or what you’re doing is totally ineffectual. I think you guys need me to help you out.” Nobody likes to hear that.

From Gabe’s point of view, he’s not worried about being liked. He’s not there to be liked. You think, “Okay, this guy really likes his job. Great! He’s zealous about justice. Wonderful! That’s what an Assistant District Attorney is supposed to be.” But, he goes above and beyond. I think he confuses everybody. They’re like, “Why is this guy being such a hard-ass? I guess that he likes his job, but this is a lot.” He’s very in-your-face and very aggressive. But as the episodes go on, you find out what Gabe’s motivations are and why it is that he’s going after what he’s going after with such zeal and such passion.

We just shot the scene where many pennies drop, and I think that that scene, in particular, is going to be very satisfying for the audience. You know that he’s hiding things from all the characters, and all of it comes spilling out of him, at that point. That’s really very satisfying. Ultimately, we will find out that Gabe has a connection to Catherine’s past, and that will be revealed, over the next few episodes. It’s not a long wait. I think it’s great that the character came in, at this point, so you don’t have to hold the information back. The audience gets it quickly.

Even if people get upset at your character’s actions, don’t you think it’s also a necessary character to have because, up until now, Catherine has gotten away with some very questionable things, where Vincent is concerned?

RAMAMURTHY: She has totally gotten away with questionable things. At the end of the day, there have been murders. People are dead, and he calls her on it. He doesn’t pull any punches, with her or with anybody. He’s not there to be liked. He doesn’t care about being liked. He doesn’t care if people understand what his motivations are. As a matter of fact, he’s trying to keep his motivations from people. And then, finally, as in all good writing, it gets to a point where he can’t keep it in any longer and he needs to let Catherine know. 98% of my stuff has been with Kristin, and I’m having a really great time working with her. We’re doing these heavy, serious scenes, but as it turns out, we’re both pretty goofy, in between takes, and we work really well together. I’m really enjoying working with her, and I’m looking forward to working with the other guys more, as time goes on. I’ve had a bit to do with Joe, Brian White character, and that’s been fun, too. But, it’s been very heavily involved with Catherine.

Do you view this character as more of an antagonist than a “bad guy”?

RAMAMURTHY: Yes, definitely. As the actor, you can’t go in saying, “I’m the bad guy.” You’ve got to think your reasons for doing what you’re doing are good. That was one of the conversations I had with the executive producers, when they pitched the show to me. I said, “Tell me there’s something more to this guy besides ambition. That can’t be his driving force.” Yes, he’s absolutely an antagonist, at first, but then, as his motivations and backstory get revealed, I hope and think that the audience will have a much deeper understanding of why he does what he does. I think it’s going to be very surprising for the audience, and I think it’s going to be touching. There’s some deep stuff, coming up, and you’ll get it pretty quickly. You won’t have to wait too long for it. There’s some sadness, coming up. It’s not going to be smooth sailing, up to the finale. There are some extreme things that happen that I don’t think have happened on the show yet. It’s all part of that new-ish direction that the show is going on. The danger to the characters and the situations that people are put in are all amped up, and that’s always good for story and for the viewers.

After Heroes ended, you took a bit of a detour into a more grounded-in-reality story by doing Covert Affairs, and now you’re back working in genre with Beauty and the Beast. Where does your personal taste lie? Are you fan of sci-fi and fantasy?

RAMAMURTHY: Actually, I’ve never really been a big sci-fi guy or a big comic book guy. But what I find, as an actor, is that when you do this sci-fi/fantasy genre, and more so with this character that I’m playing now, it’s really freeing. I’m finding that the most with Gabe. It’s very freeing. I got to flex acting muscles that I haven’t had a chance to flex, ever, except maybe on stage, and that’s always fun. The whole point is to keep it new. If I was just joining another sci-fi show, I don’t think I would have done it. The assurance that I got from the execs was what made me say yes to the part, but you’re always taking that leap of faith because you don’t know.

In the writers’ defense, they’re not absolutely certain because they haven’t written the episodes yet. You just have to take it on faith that they are going to go in the direction that they tell you and that they are going to create a compelling backstory, especially when you’re coming in as the antagonist and that’s announced before your episodes even air. There’s a lot of pressure. There are going to be people, certainly with this first episode, who are like, “Who is this jerk?! I don’t like him!” And I’m prepared for that because I know what’s coming. The writers and the execs held true to their promise to making the guy multi-faceted and a multi-dimensional character. I was holding onto something that they gave me when I started shooting, and the audience will get to see that, further on down the line.

For me, my motivations were completely pure and completely right. As long as you know that, when you’re playing the character, it comes through. Within two to three episodes of my character’s debut, you will get big, juicy tidbits of what’s going on with him, and you also get juicy tidbits about the other characters. You find out connections that you may not have thought of. Gabe really does have a connection to Catherine’s past, which I didn’t know going into it, and I think it’s really cool, how they wove it in. Audiences will be very wary of Gabe, as they should be with his introduction. But all is not what it seems with Gabe, and all is not what it seems with the story. It takes some really dramatic twists and turns, none of which I saw coming, and that’s good. They did a really great job of fooling me, and hopefully they fool everybody else too, in a good way. I’m really proud of it. It should be a fun ride, up to the finale.

Beauty and the Beast airs on Thursday nights on The CW.  Article source.

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As if “Beauty and the Beast” weren’t complicated enough, a new character is about to arrive in order to rile things up. Sendhil Ramamurthy (“Heroes,” “Covert Affairs”) plays the new regular character of assistant district attorney Gabe Lowen starting with Thursday’s (March 14) episode of the show.

We talked to Ramamurthy about his new character and what Gabe’s arrival will mean for the show.

What happens when Gabe enters the show?

Sendhil Ramamurthy: He kind of turns up at the precinct and kind of ruffles feathers right off the bat.

He’s there because he doesn’t think the case to hunt down the vigilante is being handled properly. There have been quite a few murders — and obviously the latest one with Joe’s brother being murdered. He really doesn’t get why people aren’t working harder. He feels that people aren’t handling it right.

This guy comes at it with such passion and such zeal that I think he raises eyebrows for people. The guy wants to be good at his job, and it would probably look great for him, career-wise, if he was able to find out who the vigilante was, solve these murders and all of that. But I mean, this guy is going above and beyond.

Is he a nice guy to have around?

Sendhil Ramamurthy: He’s not really bothered with anybody liking him. He’s more concerned with getting what he wants. And if that involves ruffling and upsetting people, well then that’s OK with him. He’s not there to be liked.

So very quickly he starts to raise eyebrows, because it’s just the way that he goes about doing things is very aggressive and very in-your-face. It rubs people the wrong way. And as the episodes go on, you’ll kind of find out why he’s approaching it the way he’s approaching it. His motives for finding out who the vigilante is — they’re different from what, say, Joe’s reasons are.

Very quickly, we actually find out what his motivations are, what his backstory is… Why it is that he’s going after this case so aggressively.

Who will Gabe interact with the most on “Beauty and the Beast”?

Sendhil Ramamurthy: The bulk of it — I’d say like 90 percent of it, maybe even more, more like 95 percent — has been with Catherine.

He definitely has a past with Joe. He has quite an adversarial relationship with most people in the beginning. He has a slightly flirty relationship with Catherine, but in an adversarial way if that makes sense. And he definitely butts heads with Joe. Joe and Gabe naturally butt heads.

Why did you take the par?t

Sendhil Ramamurthy: It was quite procedural in nature… With this kind of love story at the heart of it.

I think the show has slightly changed — in a good way. The heart of the story, the core of the story is always going to be that love story between Vincent and Catherine. It’s so strong, and that relationship and the chemistry between Kristin and Jay is so good, they would be silly to change that.

I think that what’s happened, certainly with bringing in the Gabe character, the tension and danger — for all of the characters — gets amped up, including danger for Gabe. The stakes all get raised.

How will the other characters react to Gabe?

Sendhil Ramamurthy: He literally pisses off everybody that he meets in the first episode or two. But he’s smart. He’s doing that because it reveals information. He gets information out of characters by rubbing them the wrong way.

The whole episode, he kind of just pokes people and rubs people the wrong way. And then at the end of the episode, you kind of get a little reveal as to why he’s doing that. He doesn’t do things for no reason. He’s very calculated in what he does, and everything that he does is always for a specific reason.

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Sendhil Ramamurthy makes his debut as a series regular in tonight’s all-new Beauty and the Beast, “Any Means Possible,” but before you fret that Ramamurthy’s Assistant District Attorney Gabe Lowen will get in the way of the Catherine (Kristin Kreuk)-Vincent pairing of our dreams, Ramamurhy assures us that their connection will be of the non-romantic – and actually kind of negative – variety.

“Gabe flirts with Catherine, but he flirts with everyone. It’s one of the things he uses to get information out of people,” Ramamurthy tells ahead of his first episode. “Gabe isn’t going to be a romantic interest right now. It’s very much an adversarial relationship.”

The reason there’s such negative tension between Cat and Gabe is because Gabe is spearheading the task force to hunt down the vigilante – aka, Vincent (Jay Ryan). “He wants to put the guy behind bars,” Ramamurthy reveals. “But there is so much more to Gabe and what’s driving him than just ambition. Ambition is 2 percent of it. The other 98 percent that’s revealed throughout this is really the driving force. It changes the dynamic of the show. There is reason why he goes about doing what he’s doing and ultimately it’s a really satisfying reveal. It’s going to come out of left field.”

When we pressured Ramamurthy to tell us more about Gabe’s true reasons for wanting to hunt down Vincent, he relented and let us know that we’ll get part of the story by the end of tonight’s episode. “Gabe reveals why he’s doing what he’s doing by the end of the episode to the other characters,” Ramamurthy says. “The information that he wants the characters to have he reveals by the end of the episode, but his real motivations you find out very quickly over the subsequent episodes.”

And as for his relationship with the other characters we’ve come to know and love over the freshman season of the CW drama, don’t expect Gabe to be making many friends. “He basically says, ‘I think you guys are doing a bad job,’” Ramamurthy says. “He’s very in your face about it, and obviously, when somebody comes in and tells a bunch of people that he thinks they’re doing a crappy job, that’s not going to make them like him very much.”

It’s probably a good thing Gabe doesn’t care about making friends, then. “Being liked by the other people in the police department is not at the top of his list,” Ramamurthy says. “He goes after this with tremendous passion and certainly for Cat and Tess and Joe, it rubs them the wrong way. He ruffles a lot of feathers when he gets there.”

But his tense relationship with Catherine has another reason behind it, and it has a little something to do with the… ahem, revealing way that they meet. “What can I say? I went to the gym a lot for that scene,” Ramamurthy teases. “The introduction to the character for the audience and Gabe’s introduction with Catherine is fairly unorthodox. I’m in a towel. I think that’s all I’m allowed to say. It’s definitely the most interesting way that I’ve ever been introduced into a show, that’s for sure!”

But as we find out later down the line, that unique meeting may not actually be the first time Catherine and Gabe encounter each other. “As information comes out, you will actually find out that Gabe has a connection to Catherine’s past,” Ramamurthy reveals. “The reveal of that is huge.”

Could that connection have anything to do with Catherine’s mother? “You start to think, does Gabe have a connection to Muirfield?” Ramamurthy teases. “As the episodes go on, the audience finds out what motivates Gabe and what his background is. You will find out why he is how he is today.”

Ramamurthy makes his debut as a series regular March 14 at 9 PM ET/PT on The CW.

Watch for the checked jacket and sombrero, Sendhil fans. :)

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“Beauty and The Beast” returns to The CW tonight at 9 PM, with a brand new episode – and courtesy of “Heroes” star Sendhil Ramamurthy – a new character, Assistant District Attorney Gabe Lowen, who is determined to hunt down the vigilante.

“This guy comes at it with a special kind of vengeance,” Sendhil told of how he enters the drama on Thursday night. “He is overzealous about going after the vigilante and it starts to raise eyebrows for the other characters.”

Fans may have finally gotten the long awaited kiss between Kristin Kreuk’s Catherine and Jay Ryan’s Vincent only recently, but with Gabe bent on finding The Beast, it looks like there’s a big threat that could take precedence over romance.

Sendhil told more about what to expect. You’re already a series regular on this show.

Sendhil Ramamurthy: That’s what they tell me. It’s fun. I’m really excited and very grateful. It’s a really great group of people to work with.

Access: Has Jay taught you any of his New Zealand dishes yet?

Sendhil: I don’t actually see Jay very much. We had a big dinner a couple weeks ago and I got to hang out with him a little bit. But, I probably laid eyes on him four times since I’ve been here. We’re not really on set at the same time. Actually, that’s true for kind of all the characters and Jay, except for Kristen, because nobody knows who [his character] is. So we never see him.

Access: How are we going to meet Gabe this week?

Sendhil: Initially you’re gonna meet him in a towel — so there’s that.

Access: That’s a fun way to have your first scene.

Sendhil: Right? Yeah. I’ll leave that one alone (laughs). But basically, he’s the new Assistant District Attorney and he more or less waltzes into the precinct and more or less tells everybody, ‘You’re all doing a horrible job. You have let another murder happen on your watch. Not only is it another murder, which is bad enough, it’s your own Police Lieutenant’s brother who’s been murdered by the vigilante and you guys haven’t done anything to stop it. I’m here to fix your screw-up.’ So automatically, he’s loved by everyone!

Access: How much trouble can an ADA actually cause?

Sendhil: Well, we’ll find out on Thursday, at 9 PM ET, on The CW. We’ll find out at the end of the episode what is his big solution to this — in his eyes — massive screw up that the police department has perpetrated on the public by not catching this vigilante. He comes in with a plan and his plan doesn’t involve really making a lot of friends to be honest. He’s not bothered with that. He wants to catch the vigilante.

Access: Do you know personally why he is so adamant about catching this guy?

Sendhil: I just found out why and I love it.

Access: So viewers will find out soon enough.

Sendhil: Oh, we’ll find out… You get big chunks of juicy tidbits of information and backstory, kind of in every episode.

Access: Does your character immediately have his eye on Catherine, because she’s already gotten in trouble with Tess?

Sendhil: They have a very adversarial relationship… Gabe senses that there’s something going on. He senses that she’s not being entirely truthful with him or with anybody else, really, in the police department… He senses that she’s hiding something, he just doesn’t know what it is. Conversely, you find out that Catherine thinks he’s hiding something and that’s kind of their relationship. They butt heads, but they’re both very suspicious of each other and it’s really about how that plays out. We just shot the scene on Friday where… we get the reveal that Gabe has a connection to Catherine’s past and we don’t know that, he doesn’t know that, she doesn’t know that. We find that out in the scene and that’s what so cool about it.

Access: Now, it sounds like you have a lot of stuff to investigate, but you’re a handsome guy, are they going to give you a love interest?

Sendhil: This opens up all sorts of stuff that is happening on set that I can’t even talk about, which I know will be annoying for you. But… Gabe gets some lovin’. You can’t let the guy be beat up too much. He already pisses off everybody. He gets a little bit of attention from someone. Who? I can’t say, but yeah, he gets some lovin’ he’s not completely alone.

Access: We gotta go back to the towel thing!

Sendhil: Why does it always have to go back to the towel thing!

Access: Does that mean shirtless? Were you doing pushups before shooting the scene as many actors do to look their best on camera?

Sendhil: There were pushups. There were some stomach crunches going on.

Access: Did you read that scene and panic, realizing you had to eat funny foods for a few days?

Sendhil: I didn’t know about the scene until very late in the game, so… I did what I could. I’m a fairly athletic guy, but I did what I could. It’s not about that for Gabe. He’s got huge fires to put out, as you’ll find out in the coming episodes. And having friends and getting a bit of loving on the side aren’t at the top of his list. If they happen to come by, then wonderful, I don’t think he’s gonna kick it out of bed, but he’s got deep issues that he needs to handle before any of that stuff comes on to his plate.

Access: Well at the very least – courtesy of the towel – it sounds like hygiene is not one of his issues.

Sendhil: Yes, he’s fond of showering. That’s one thing I think we can say about Gabe. Personal hygiene is not an issue. He’s a pretty well-groomed guy. He wears pretty sharp suits and he showers and brushes his teeth.

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Catherine Chandler is about to face another obstacle.

Assistant District Attorney Gabe Lowen, played by Heroes and Covert Affairs alum Sendhil Ramamurthy, makes his debut on The CW’s Beauty and the Beast this Thursday and his presence throws Catherine (Kristin Kreuk) for a loop. Gabe comes in asking questions about the precinct’s handling of its cases regarding the vigilante (Jay Ryan), not of knowing Catherine’s direct involvement with the beast, Vincent.

“This character brings in a sense of intrigue, a sense of danger. He comes in and he ruffles a lot of feathers right off the bat. He’s not concerned with being liked,” Ramamurthy tells The Hollywood Reporter. “He’s got his agenda. He doesn’t feel like the case involving the vigilante is being handled properly, and he wants to know why the guy hasn’t been caught. He doesn’t think people are doing their jobs properly.”

Ramamurthy previews his introduction on The CW drama, Gabe’s surprising “connections” and why his character’s relationship with Catherine is less “flirtatious” and more “adversarial.”

The Hollywood Reporter: How would you describe Gabe’s entrance in Thursday’s episode?

Sendhil Ramamurthy: He comes in with a lot of zeal [laughs] for hunting down this vigilante. At first you think he’s got an overdeveloped sense of justice, which for an assistant district attorney isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He’s really adamant about going after this guy and you’ll start to wonder. He wants to get the guy, it’s his job but this is above and beyond. As the episodes go on, we’ll find out that he has a slightly different reason than Joe (Brian White) and the rest of the cops for going after this guy and wanting to find out what’s going on. That’s the mystery behind this character for the rest of the season, especially the episode we’re shooting now. It’s revealed what he’s really up to and what motivates him. You’ll also start to find out connections with other characters that Gabe has.

THR: How soon will the reveals be made?

Ramamurthy: It isn’t slowly revealed. There are big reveals in each episode. As a viewer, you get annoyed when they’re treading water. The advantage of bringing Gabe in for the back nine episodes is you’ve got a short period of time to reveal everything. For the audience, it’s satisfying.

THR: So Gabe’s presence accelerates everything in the precinct, which means there’s more urgency on Catherine’s part.

Ramamurthy: Gabe’s presence lights a fire under everybody’s rear ends because he’s literally just there hanging over everyone asking why aren’t you doing this, why aren’t you doing that. I don’t think he likes the fact that people aren’t going after this with the same zeal that he is. He lives and breathes this case, and yeah, that’s weird. People are like, yes, we get it, we have to get the vigilante, but this guy is way over the top as far as they’re concerned. For Gabe, he doesn’t get that at all. We’ll find out very quickly after his introduction. It’s very clever. The stakes go up a lot in the next few episodes. It feels like the show has turned a corner.

THR: We posted a scene of Gabe’s first trip the precinct, and it’s clear from his encounter with Catherine that he is going to have his hands full. How would you describe their dynamic?

Ramamurthy: The relationship between Catherine and Gabe, at first, is quite flirtatious but Gabe’s flirtatious with everybody. It’s one of his weapons in his arsenal that he uses to get what he wants. As the episodes go on, you’ll see he has a lot more weapons in his arsenal. He’s very crafty in trying to get what he wants. Their relationship is certainly adversarial; certainly right now they don’t necessarily see eye to eye on a lot of things. Unbeknownst to Gabe, Catherine knows who the vigilante is. Gabe senses very quickly that something is up with Catherine; he doesn’t know what and it becomes him trying to find out what’s going on. There’s a lot of tension there at first and as things are revealed, we’ll see their pasts connected. Gabe has a connection to Catherine’s past and that’s a huge reveal for the show, and sends the show to the finale.

THR: Is he a love interest for Catherine?

Ramamurthy: There certainly is a connection there, but I don’t know that it’s going to go in the love interest direction. Maybe some time further down the line. Right now, they’re at loggerheads. There’s not a lot of romantic tension.

THR: How close does Gabe get to figuring out who the vigilante is and that Catherine is protecting Vincent?

Ramamurthy: He’s a pretty clever guy and he starts to figure things out really quickly. Whether he’s going to figure out that Vincent is the beast and all of that, I don’t know yet. We just got the 19th episode, so maybe he’s going to find out in that episode. He’s getting very suspicious and very close, and information starts to come out about Gabe, Catherine, Vincent that really amp up the tension, especially when it comes to Muirfield. We don’t know if Gabe is involved. That’s one of the things that’s explored: Is he working for Muirfield? Is he not?

THR: Your character Jai was killed on Covert Affairs in the season three premiere. Are you ever worried that Gabe may not be long for this world, at least on Beauty and the Beast?

Ramamurthy: Listen, that’s totally a possibility. There is every possibility that there is going to be death this season. That’s the case with any show like this. Lord knows I’ve been on a show like that where every episode you didn’t know if your character was going to die for four seasons.

THR: Is there a scene that you recently shot that we should look out for?

Ramamurthy: Yeah, we just shot it on Friday (March 8). It was the hardest scene I’ve ever done, and it was the longest scene that I’ve ever done on television. It was a six-page scene, just between Gabe and Catherine. We shot the whole thing through, we didn’t break it up. It’s two people talking in a room, and you think, “Oh wow, how exciting is that?” But it’s what comes out. A hundred pennies drop in that scene and so much information and backstory come out, and the way it’s done is clever. That’s probably my favorite scene that I’ve shot so far, and it’ll be in episode 18.

Beauty and the Beast airs at 9 p.m. Thursdays on The CW.