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Gabe’s connection to Muirfield will be discovered on the next episode of “Beauty and the Beast” on CW. On Friday, April 19, Spoilers Guide shared a sneak peek for the next episode, “Beauty and the Beast” episode 1.19 titled “Playing with Fire.” E! Online also shared new spoilers for the series.

This sneak peek shows Tess and Catherine watching video connected to Muirfield, and they will make a shocking discovery. A car seen at the location will belong to Gabe, and the pair will wonder about his connection to Muirfield. This week’s episode revealed that he might have been one of their test subjects. Jennifer Levin revealed the following about what will happen with Gabe and Catherine, according to E! Online:

“One thing that they deal with is this issue with Gabe. Gabe is getting closer and closer to the fact that Cat knows the vigilante and what her connection is, so it just causes some conflict between the two of them. Vincent starts to get jealous of Cat because she gets closer to Gabe, particularly when he reveals that he knows about Muirfield.”

Levin also teased the possibility of Catherine’s mother still being alive. Evan also spoke to Vincent about a secret related to Catherine’s parents on last night’s episode. In an upcoming episode, Catherine will start to think her mother is alive, and this will cause tension between her and Vincent. He didn’t want to drag up the past.

This series has not yet been picked up for a second season, and Kristin Kreuk spoke about the uncertain future for the series in a new interview with From Inside The Box. She said the following:

“It’s different, to be honest. On ‘Smallville,’ we were pretty much sure every single year that it would be going again. It’s a different environment when a crew doesn’t feel as stable, but we have a really wonderful team. Nobody knows anything for sure, but everyone’s staying positive. And I think we’re proud of the work that we’ve done.”

CW will announce the fate of the series in May. Fans are buzzing about this series on social media. On fan said the following on Twitter recently:

Now that we’ve all watched the amazing new #BATB episode, here comes the really hard part… waiting for ratings tomorrow morning… scary!

“Beauty and the Beast” will continue to air on CW on Thursday nights.

Here is the promo for next week’s new episode “Playing With Fire”.

And the EXTENDED Promo… interesting stuff in there, Sendhil fans… :)

This Thursday at 9/8c, The CW’s Beauty and the Beast resumes its freshman run with the first of five — count ‘em, five! — consecutive episodes, including the sure-to-shock season finale airing May 16. Given the events of the most recent episode, in which Tess learned Cat’s secret and Evan got a beastly eyeful, TVLine invited executive producer Jennifer Levin to field some burning questions about what’s to come.

IS TESS NOW ON TEAM BEAST? | “Down the line, there will be conflicts for her, of course, but right now she’s bought in,” Levin assures. “She’s going to be a confidante for Cat, and she’s also going to be able to help them deal with Muirfield and the assorted issues that brings up.” Among them: “What happens when Evan exposes Vincent?”

IS EVAN’S LOVE FOR CAT THE TRUE ENEMY? | Yep, you read that above line correctly. Having spied an extremely agile someone do a five-story leap from Cat’s cradle, Evan “reaches out to Muirfield and basically leads them to Vincent,” Levin shares. That tattling, though, “comes from a place of love,” the EP makes clear. “Evan is always going to first do what he can to protect Cat and be on her side.” Nonetheless, when he professes his feelings in this week’s episode, “Cat’s reaction is one of a little bit guilt, of culpability, like, ‘Oh my gosh,’ because she kind of knew, and she probably should have addressed this sooner.’”

WHAT FAMILY SECRETS WILL SHOCK CAT? | Although an upcoming episode synopsis reveals that Catherine will come to suspect that her famously murdered mother is actually alive, that might — might — be a red herring of sorts. “Cat’s family issues aren’t what you think they are,” Levin cryptically shares. “They’re not what she thinks they are.” Elsewhere on the family front, we’re going to venture that Heather might not want to buy any green bananas. “I can say, I think, that someone’s life is put in danger,” Levin warns. “Someone that we really care about.”

WHAT IS THE ADA’S BEASTLY BEEF? | Gabe Lowen has been like a dog with a bone in hunting down the city’s cross-species vigilante, who — despite JT and Cat’s best attempt at subterfuge — he knows is still alive and running wild. Asked to explain Gabe’s vendetta, Levin would only say: “He has a personal issue with the beast,” to be revealed by season’s end.

IS THERE NO MORE TIME FOR SEXYTIMES? | (After all, as seen above, there seems to be a lot of drama ahead.) “Oh my God, I hope not!” Levin answers. “No, almost all of the episodes” coming up, she says, have moments to please VinCat fans. Asked to single one out, she thinks for a moment before saying that Season 1′s penultimate hour, “Date Night” (airing May 9), “is a special one that comes to mind.”

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In real life he’s very different from Gabe, says Sendhil Ramamurthy who acts in the sci-fi romance series Beauty and the Beast

Best known for his roles as geneticist Mohinder Suresh in the NBC sci-fi drama Heroes and as Jai Wilcox in the action spy series Covert Affairs, American actor of Indian origin, Sendhil Ramamurthy was last seen in Bollywood film Shor in the City. Currently essaying the role of Gabriel Lowen in sci-fi romance series Beauty and the Beast, Sendhil says over the telephone, “Beauty and the Beast is a modern-day romantic love-story and drama between Catherine Chandler (Kristin Kreuk), a smart homicide detective haunted by her tragic past and Vincent Keller (Jay Ryan), an ex–military man with a mysterious past and a terrible secret.” Beauty and the Beast won the 2013 People’s Choice Award for Favourite New TV Drama.

Elaborating on his role Sendhil says: “I play Gabe Owen who enters in the 14th episode. He is an aggressive assistant district attorney in pursuit of the bad guys — one of them in particular. He is the kind who goes all out to find out who’s behind a string of murders.”

The actor adds: “What really captivates the audience is Gabe’s commitment to his job, but with time it is revealed that he has a personal connection to the whole situation involving Catherine especially. The role is intriguing for the viewer. You think he is a bad guy but then he does something that makes you think he’s actually a good person. I like the fact that Gabe can’t be classified as a totally good or a totally bad person.”

According to him, “Although portraying my role didn’t involve much homework, the challenge presented itself in the form of me having to play someone who is considered to be in a morally grey area. In real life, I’m very different from Gabe. Gabe does everything he possibly can to get what he wants.”

About the relationship that he shares with his co-stars, Sendhil says: “Though I joined halfway through the series, the entire cast was very welcoming. Kristin Kreuk is an absolute delight to work with.”

Having been in the industry for a long time now, he says: “From my Heroes days, I know that I have evolved as an actor. As you do more of something, you get better at it. Earlier, when I would bag a role, I didn’t question much, give suggestions or express my opinion to the director or cast, but I’ve learnt how important communication is especially over the last few years and that has put me in good stead.” Ask him if there are any Hollywood films he has coming up and he says: “I have just finished shooting for a film called Brahmin Bulls with the incredibly-talented Roshan Seth. It’s about a father and a son who don’t share a good relationship after the mother passes away. It revolves around them working to fix what’s broken.”

And what about doing another Bollywood film? “Shor and the City was fun. I have been telling Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK who directed me in Shor in the City to do another film with me. And we’re hoping to do a project soon,” says Sendhil.

Before he hurries off to shoot for the day, the talented actor says: “Indian cinema is evolving thanks to the young breed of directors. Everything is becoming global. We have Indian actors in the U.S. who are doing a fantastic job, especially on television, but we need to see more of them in films and I think now is the time for Indian directors to take this to the next level with more crossover films.” In the U.S., there’s just about a fortnight left for this season of Beauty and the Beast to air, and Sendhil is obviously hoping there will be another.

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Tell us about your role in Beauty and the Beast?
My character Gabe (L)Owen enters in the 14th episode and kind of creates attention. He is fairly aggressive in his pursuit of the bad guys, one of them in particular. He goes all out to find out who’s behind the stream of murders.

People will wonder why he is so committed, but he has a personal connection to the whole situation involving Catherine, Jay Ryan and Vincent. The role has a sense of intrigue. You just don’t know where he is coming from.

You think he is a bad guy then he does something and makes you think he’s not such a bad guy after all. I like the fact that he’s not all-good or all-bad. I have just shot for the big finale episode which has a lot of action and where everything about him will be revealed!

Will you be part of the next season of the show?
Two more weeks are left for this season and we’re hoping for another season. I am hoping I will be part of the next one too!

What has been the response so far?
I have just joined Twitter and am getting a passionate response from France and Portugal. I have also realised that people are using this platform to get more information about the happenings in the show. I have to be careful!

You haven’t heard anything from the Indian audience?
Has it started airing there? I did not know about it!

Do you think the presence of Indian actors in American shows is increasing?
Definitely, there is a greater presence in TV shows but in films it is far more limited. The television has certainly opened but it’s a slow process.

Which of your roles so far has been the most challenging?
The one I played in Heroes. There were 12 main characters from across the world and the scale was huge. I got to do some really cool things in the show as we were shown to have superpowers. Covert Affairs, on the other hand, was grounded in reality and Beauty and The Beast has a sci-fi element.

When will we see you in Bollywood again?
I have been telling Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK who directed me in Shor In The City to do something with me. We’re hoping to do another project. They have done a film (Go Goa Gone) with Saif Ali Khan. I have seen the promos and they look amazing.

What kind of film are you looking for in Bollywood?
I would love to do something in comedy.

Is there any Hollywood film in the pipeline?
I have just finished shooting for a film called Brahmin Bulls that I have co-produced and acted in. It’s about a father and a son who don’t share a good relationship after the mother passes away. A sweet film, I am hoping to release it sometime this year.

Any plans of visiting India?
Yes, apart from doing a Bolly film, I want to come there for a vacation.

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The phrase “tall, dark and handsome” was coined for him. After Heroes and Covert Affairs, Indian-origin actor Sendhil Ramamurthy returns to our TV screens as Gabriel Lowen in the thriller Beauty and the Beast (Monday to Thursday, 10pm, on BIG CBS Love). A t2 chat.

You were not keen on playing district attorney Gabriel Lowen in Beauty and the Beast. Why?
It’s just that it wasn’t meant to be a regular role. Also, I had never seen the show. They sent me a bunch of episodes so that I could watch them. What I saw I liked… I just wasn’t sure where my character could fit in. Then, they kind of filled me in on what this character does and his backstory and how Gabriel Lowen was much more than what you see on the surface. They managed to sell it to me with that (laughs).

Is there anything in Gabriel that provides a peek into Sendhil?
In any character that I play, I look for similarities with myself and for references that will make it a tad bit easier to play the character. But Gabriel is actually very, very different from what I am as a person. He’s had a very rough childhood and that hasn’t been easy on him. His past weighs heavily on his present and gives a lot of answers to why he is doing what he’s doing.

Did you do any research to play him?
He’s a district attorney and I hadn’t really played a lawyer-type before. So I read up a little bit on that. I had to use a lot of imagination and the writers of the show were really open to suggestions from me.

You’ve played some memorable characters on TV and in films. Where would you place Gabriel Lowen?
There were many guys I played who were meant to be morally great but didn’t end up being so (laughs), but Gabriel is a guy with so many shades. He will do one thing and you would think: ‘Oh, he’s a bad guy’, but then he does something completely opposite after that. So you are never really sure where he’s coming from. I am currently enjoying the cat-and-mouse game the writers have scripted. It’s always fun when you know something that the audience doesn’t.

TV or films — what do you enjoy more?
The one thing that I like in films as opposed to television is that there is a beginning, a middle and an end. For an actor, that’s really great because you know where you are going. But on TV, you have no idea where the story is going. What I like on TV is that you have a much longer time to tell a story… you can live with the character much longer.

In Hollywood and on American TV, Asian actors have been largely relegated to playing the Indian doctor or the Chinese scientist. Are things improving?
It’s getting easier. I really think that this character of Gabriel Lowen has nothing to do with me being Indian at all. He could be anybody. It’s becoming easier… certainly on TV. In films, I still think it’s a little harder but in the US, the kind of roles that are available to Indian actors and those from other ethnic backgrounds is getting more in number. Now, there’s even Amitabh Bachchan doing Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby. Studios and producers are realising that there is a huge market in India and that actors of Indian origin can make it to the mainstream.

For most of us, you are still Mohinder Suresh from Heroes. Do you enjoy that or does it bother you because you have done a lot more after that?
I still enjoy it because it’s a show I am very proud to have been a part of. That’s the way it is… people will invariably always remember the first thing you have done. Luckily for me, Heroes did well all over the world. That’s been my map and I have tried to build on it as best as I can…. Doing Shor in the City (Sendhil’s 2011 Bolly debut) was one of those… that was a lot of fun and so is Beauty and the Beast. I just did a film (Brahmin Bulls) with Roshan Seth which was a very different thing for me. I am glad that I have the recognisability from Heroes to help me try out different things.

Coming to Bollywood, was Shor in the City a one-off thing?
I truly hope not! (Laughs) Raj and D.K. (the directors of Shor in the City) told me that they are writing a film for me, though I haven’t seen it yet! I hope they get on to it fast after reading your paper. I know that they have been working with Saif Ali Khan on a zombie comedy (Go Goa Gone) and I am looking forward to seeing that. I really enjoyed working with those guys.

You were apparently uncomfortable shooting in the Bolly set-up…
The part that was harrowing was that we were shooting on the streets in Mumbai and that’s a very different experience from shooting on the streets in the US. Here they close off the street and there are policemen all around and you just go out there and shoot. But you just can’t shut down a street in the middle of Mumbai! Not having control over the elements was very difficult, but it also made it really exciting. It made it spontaneous and that’s always good for an actor.

Wasn’t language a problem?
I only had to speak a little bit of Hindi in that film. They provided me with a coach and I had the Hindi lines on my iPod. But yes, language will be an issue in terms of a Bolly career for me. But then, there are so many crossover films being made now and that’s something I would like to be a part of.

You were a keen tennis player who toyed with the idea of turning pro. Should we count it as tennis’s loss or was acting always your calling?
Well, it would mostly be my loss because I was never good at it! (Laughs) I think tennis is doing just fine without me! I am a good recreational player and I am really looking forward to playing the US Open National Playoffs. I want to give it one last shot before they wheel me off in a wheelchair!