Thanks again for giving us a preview for next week’s Beauty and the Beast episode, “Recipe For Disaster”.





Here is a sneak-peek video for “Beauty and the Beast,” via Access Hollywood!

“Held Hostage” Promo from RickeyTVX

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How about last night’s episode…. steamy stuff for Gabe! Here’s a promo for next week’s episode “Held Hostage” courtesy of RickeyTVX!

SpoilerTV’s promo for “Ancestors”

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TVLine Previews Tonight’s Episode!

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When Beauty and the Beast‘s Catherine made the decision to shoot Vincent to save her biological father’s life in the fall finale, it came with personal consequences. But now, as The CW sophomore returns Monday at 9/8c, she will have to professionally pay the piper as well — as seen in this exclusive sneak peek.

Click here for more info AND a video. See you all tonight, Beasties!