adi Hi Adi! Thank you so much for agreeing to do an interview with, we really appreciate it and we’re so thrilled that the hype is getting out there about the book! 

AT: Thanks for the questions. You’ve made a career within the graphic novel space. What inspired you to make the jump into the world of the novelist?

AT: I originally wanted to be a playwright and cartoonist, and liked graphic novels enough to work in that space while also working as a screenwriter. At the back of my mind, I always planned to write novels at some point, Selling the RAVI P.I. Trilogy to Simon & Schuster came sooner than I thought due to the efforts of my producer Leopoldo Gout, so I’ve suddenly become a novelist almost by accident. You’re breaking new ground with your multi-channel approach with Her Nightly Embrace. Was this something you had in mind while you were crafting the story? 

AT: I originally thought I’d write some short stories about Ravi and his cases and perhaps pitch them as a TV series later on. I just wanted to update private detective fiction and tell stories that hadn’t been seen before in the genre. The multimedia or multichannel approach to a character and series was always the key to creating a franchise, but the rise of the internet, streaming and binge culture as a viable business model has pushed that approach into a much more common and necessary practice than, say, five or ten years ago. Now it’s something that any jobbing writer should seriously think about rather than just writing in one medium. It was normal for me to think about having a TV adaptation or even an audio drama podcast spinoff to Ravi, but now it’s actually a business plan rather than a flight of fancy. What do you see for the future of integrated multichannel stories?

AT: I think that model has been here for longer than most people realise, and it’s here to stay. It’s not enough to have a story that’s in a commercial genre in just one medium anymore. It’s all about getting as big an audience, as many people, to see it as possible. Are there any other channels or platforms you’re interested in pursuing for storytelling?

AT: I’ve always been interested in audio dramas since I got my start writing radio plays for the BBC. I have an ongoing interest in storytelling in video games, the interactive aspect of it where the player gets to participate in shaping a character or story, though always along the lines as laid down by the writers. The latter is enormously complex and expensive, and hard to get right. What are some of the challenges when it comes to transforming a book into a television series?

AT: From a writing point of view, the first challenge is to be faithful to the characters and ideas of the story while editing the story down to the length of a TV episode. On a wider level, the greatest challenge is the demands of the TV network and how their executives might want to mold a show to suit their agenda and perceived brand identity and to avoid seeing the material warped beyond recognition and losing what made the characters and story appealing and interesting in the first place. The latter is a nice way of saying “executive interference” Does the knowledge that a network and their execs might want to tinker and therefore alter the “truth” of your characters make that realm more difficult because it might not entirely show your vision? 

AT: That’s always the risk any project faces. It depends on how far you are in the process. If you’ve also taken their money to make the show for their network, you have to fight as much as you can. The original writer is often pushed out and excluded from the process after a while unless they’re actually in there as an producer. It’s a long series of negotiations. What did you learn from the process of recording the audiobook? 

AT: I learned that an actor’s performance reading the book can add whole new layers of nuance and meaning to the story. Sendhil read the book with a sly, dry, sardonic tone that enhanced some of the humour, which more than what I could have hoped for. 

I also discovered that shorter chapter breaks works very well for audiobooks, creates a greater sense of momentum, so I will bear this in mind for the next books in the trilogy and other novels I might write in the future.  Now that you’ve essentially touched the worlds of graphic and non-graphic novels, and forthcoming podcasting and television, has that changed how you view storytelling?

AT: It hasn’t changed my views on storytelling, actually. If anything, it feels like the world is catching up to how some of us have viewed storytelling for much of our lives. The entertainment industry is now much more open to an integrated model of storytelling across different platforms than before. 

Thank you again so much Adi for speaking to us! You can order a copy of Her Nightly Embrace: Book 1 of the The Ravi P.I. Series at this link!

HNE Book Review – Pop Culture Beast

October 18th, 2016 | Posted by Jenn in News - (0 Comments)

Ravi P.I. Book Cover

One of the first reviews for Her Nightly Embrace from the folks over at Pop Culture Beast!

Ravi sees gods. They are the spectators of his life, watching as things get interesting, chaotic, and fall apart. He’s been seeing a lot more of them lately, Tweeting each other on their mobile phones about #ourownpersonalholyfool.

Read the entire review by JL Jamieson at Pop Culture Beast here

Pop Culture Beast did a great 6-Question Interview with Her Nightly Embrace author Adi Tantimedh! Check out a portion below!

Adi Tantimedh has written graphic novels (JLA: Age of Wonder, La Muse), radio plays and TV scripts, a weekly column for Bleeding Cool, and now wrote the private detective novel, Her Nightly Embrace, out November 1st. It’s the start of the Ravi PI series, which is also in development as a TV show and audio drama podcasts.

Adi writes interesting and quirky characters in some of the most awkward and amusing situations. They’re fully dimensional, far from perfect people that make for a thoroughly entertaining and relatable read.

We caught up with him for a Quick Six Interview, and asked a bit about the book:

What inspires you recently?

Alan Moore and his near-infinite micro and macro scope of his massive new novel JERUSALEM.

Who decides on your book cover art?

In the end, it’s the publisher who decides. I pitch ideas, then we discuss and arrive at a concept we’re all happy with.

Read the rest of the interview over at Pop Culture Beast here!


Another great interview from the folks at Pop Culture Beast! Check out this one they did with Sendhil while promoting Her Nightly Embrace! 

Actor Sendhil Ramamurthy has a familiar face and voice to all avid fans of TV shows like Heroes, Heroes Reborn, Beauty and the Beast, Covert Affairs, and so many others.

He’s set to star in the Ravi PI series currently in development, based on the book Her Nightly Embrace by Adi Tantimedh (out November 1st). He’s also providing the voice of the audiobook, which gives us all an added incentive to start listening to books more often.

Whether he’s chasing bad guys, fighting inner demons, or pursuing science, he always gives us a reason to tune in.

We caught up with Sendhil for a Quick Six Interview, and asked a bit about his new role in Ravi PI:

Who is the gatekeeper/advice-giver when it comes to potential jobs?

I have a close group of actor friends that I consult about scripts and job offers: Jack Coleman, Santiago Cabrera, JJ Feild, & Leonard Roberts

What is an actor’s relationship to their agent? What is yours?

Actors’ relationships with their agents run from speaking to them every day to only emailing when auditions come through. I have a very close relationship with my London agent, Roger Charteris. We talk and email a lot and go out for dinner and drinks when I am in the UK. He’s represented me since I left drama school and he’s a friend. I have a good relationship with my US agent as well, but its business with him which is fine. I actually don’t mind that at all. As long as we can communicate openly and the agent understands and is on board with what I want to achieve, I’m happy.

Check out the interview in it’s entirety at Pop Culture Beast here!


East Coast Sendhil Fans! Did you miss out on Book Con? Hope is not lost! Her Nightly Embrace author Adi Tantimedh and Sendhil will be signing copies and discussing the book and  at the Barnes and Noble in Tribeca on Thursday, November 10th at 6:00pm.

More information can be found here!

Ravi P.I. Book Cover


California Sendhil Fans! If you weren’t able to get to New York for Book Con last week, now’s your chance to meet Her Nightly Embrace author Adi Tantimedh and Sendhil! The two will be at the Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in San Diego, CA on Saturday, November 5th for a book signing and Q&A!

More information can be found here!