2012 Round-Up! SendhilRamamurthy.net and Pitt Hopkins Syndrome Foundation

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2012 has been an eventful year for those of us at SendhilRamamurthy.net. From the initial conception of this site to the immense support we received from Sendhil and his team, we are thrilled to not only provide fans of this incredible actor a place to find news and information but contribute to a cause that means so much to Sendhil and has come to be our second mission, to raise money for Pitt Hopkins Syndrome Foundation in honor of Calvin Lapidus.

Since launching this website in mid-July 2012, we’ve held several auctions, the last of which ended today. We are so pleased to tell you that the total donation from SendhilRamamurthy.net to the Pitt Hopkins Syndrome International Network in 2012 is $800.00.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the fabulous Mr. Ramamurthy by visiting this site, bidding on the auction items and donating independently to Pitt Hopkins Syndrome Foundation. As Sendhil mentioned in his note, great things are on the horizon in 2013 and we look forward to bringing you news, giveaways, exclusive auctions and so much more.

Happy Holidays To All Of You!

Jenn, Meaghan and Aloysius

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