2013 Interview – Sendhil Ramamurthy talks to DNA India

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Tell us about your role in Beauty and the Beast?
My character Gabe (L)Owen enters in the 14th episode and kind of creates attention. He is fairly aggressive in his pursuit of the bad guys, one of them in particular. He goes all out to find out who’s behind the stream of murders.

People will wonder why he is so committed, but he has a personal connection to the whole situation involving Catherine, Jay Ryan and Vincent. The role has a sense of intrigue. You just don’t know where he is coming from.

You think he is a bad guy then he does something and makes you think he’s not such a bad guy after all. I like the fact that he’s not all-good or all-bad. I have just shot for the big finale episode which has a lot of action and where everything about him will be revealed!

Will you be part of the next season of the show?
Two more weeks are left for this season and we’re hoping for another season. I am hoping I will be part of the next one too!

What has been the response so far?
I have just joined Twitter and am getting a passionate response from France and Portugal. I have also realised that people are using this platform to get more information about the happenings in the show. I have to be careful!

You haven’t heard anything from the Indian audience?
Has it started airing there? I did not know about it!

Do you think the presence of Indian actors in American shows is increasing?
Definitely, there is a greater presence in TV shows but in films it is far more limited. The television has certainly opened but it’s a slow process.

Which of your roles so far has been the most challenging?
The one I played in Heroes. There were 12 main characters from across the world and the scale was huge. I got to do some really cool things in the show as we were shown to have superpowers. Covert Affairs, on the other hand, was grounded in reality and Beauty and The Beast has a sci-fi element.

When will we see you in Bollywood again?
I have been telling Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK who directed me in Shor In The City to do something with me. We’re hoping to do another project. They have done a film (Go Goa Gone) with Saif Ali Khan. I have seen the promos and they look amazing.

What kind of film are you looking for in Bollywood?
I would love to do something in comedy.

Is there any Hollywood film in the pipeline?
I have just finished shooting for a film called Brahmin Bulls that I have co-produced and acted in. It’s about a father and a son who don’t share a good relationship after the mother passes away. A sweet film, I am hoping to release it sometime this year.

Any plans of visiting India?
Yes, apart from doing a Bolly film, I want to come there for a vacation.

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