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This Thursday at 9/8c, The CW’s Beauty and the Beast resumes its freshman run with the first of five — count ‘em, five! — consecutive episodes, including the sure-to-shock season finale airing May 16. Given the events of the most recent episode, in which Tess learned Cat’s secret and Evan got a beastly eyeful, TVLine invited executive producer Jennifer Levin to field some burning questions about what’s to come.

IS TESS NOW ON TEAM BEAST? | “Down the line, there will be conflicts for her, of course, but right now she’s bought in,” Levin assures. “She’s going to be a confidante for Cat, and she’s also going to be able to help them deal with Muirfield and the assorted issues that brings up.” Among them: “What happens when Evan exposes Vincent?”

IS EVAN’S LOVE FOR CAT THE TRUE ENEMY? | Yep, you read that above line correctly. Having spied an extremely agile someone do a five-story leap from Cat’s cradle, Evan “reaches out to Muirfield and basically leads them to Vincent,” Levin shares. That tattling, though, “comes from a place of love,” the EP makes clear. “Evan is always going to first do what he can to protect Cat and be on her side.” Nonetheless, when he professes his feelings in this week’s episode, “Cat’s reaction is one of a little bit guilt, of culpability, like, ‘Oh my gosh,’ because she kind of knew, and she probably should have addressed this sooner.’”

WHAT FAMILY SECRETS WILL SHOCK CAT? | Although an upcoming episode synopsis reveals that Catherine will come to suspect that her famously murdered mother is actually alive, that might — might — be a red herring of sorts. “Cat’s family issues aren’t what you think they are,” Levin cryptically shares. “They’re not what she thinks they are.” Elsewhere on the family front, we’re going to venture that Heather might not want to buy any green bananas. “I can say, I think, that someone’s life is put in danger,” Levin warns. “Someone that we really care about.”

WHAT IS THE ADA’S BEASTLY BEEF? | Gabe Lowen has been like a dog with a bone in hunting down the city’s cross-species vigilante, who — despite JT and Cat’s best attempt at subterfuge — he knows is still alive and running wild. Asked to explain Gabe’s vendetta, Levin would only say: “He has a personal issue with the beast,” to be revealed by season’s end.

IS THERE NO MORE TIME FOR SEXYTIMES? | (After all, as seen above, there seems to be a lot of drama ahead.) “Oh my God, I hope not!” Levin answers. “No, almost all of the episodes” coming up, she says, have moments to please VinCat fans. Asked to single one out, she thinks for a moment before saying that Season 1′s penultimate hour, “Date Night” (airing May 9), “is a special one that comes to mind.”


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