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Gabe’s connection to Muirfield will be discovered on the next episode of “Beauty and the Beast” on CW. On Friday, April 19, Spoilers Guide shared a sneak peek for the next episode, “Beauty and the Beast” episode 1.19 titled “Playing with Fire.” E! Online also shared new spoilers for the series.

This sneak peek shows Tess and Catherine watching video connected to Muirfield, and they will make a shocking discovery. A car seen at the location will belong to Gabe, and the pair will wonder about his connection to Muirfield. This week’s episode revealed that he might have been one of their test subjects. Jennifer Levin revealed the following about what will happen with Gabe and Catherine, according to E! Online:

“One thing that they deal with is this issue with Gabe. Gabe is getting closer and closer to the fact that Cat knows the vigilante and what her connection is, so it just causes some conflict between the two of them. Vincent starts to get jealous of Cat because she gets closer to Gabe, particularly when he reveals that he knows about Muirfield.”

Levin also teased the possibility of Catherine’s mother still being alive. Evan also spoke to Vincent about a secret related to Catherine’s parents on last night’s episode. In an upcoming episode, Catherine will start to think her mother is alive, and this will cause tension between her and Vincent. He didn’t want to drag up the past.

This series has not yet been picked up for a second season, and Kristin Kreuk spoke about the uncertain future for the series in a new interview with From Inside The Box. She said the following:

“It’s different, to be honest. On ‘Smallville,’ we were pretty much sure every single year that it would be going again. It’s a different environment when a crew doesn’t feel as stable, but we have a really wonderful team. Nobody knows anything for sure, but everyone’s staying positive. And I think we’re proud of the work that we’ve done.”

CW will announce the fate of the series in May. Fans are buzzing about this series on social media. On fan said the following on Twitter recently:

Now that we’ve all watched the amazing new #BATB episode, here comes the really hard part… waiting for ratings tomorrow morning… scary!

“Beauty and the Beast” will continue to air on CW on Thursday nights.

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