“Don’t Die On Me” sneak peek from TVLine!

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Thanks to the always awesome Matt Mitovich (follow him on Twitter @MattMitovich), we have us some scoop on the next episode of Beauty and the Beast which is scheduled to air on Monday, January 13th!

When The CW’s Beauty and the Beast resumes Season 2 on Monday, Jan. 13, there won’t be a lack of fallout from Cat shooting Vincent to save her biological father’s life — and we’ve got a series of photos (garnished with scooplets) from the twisty, turny hour.

Per the official logline for the episode “Don’t Die on Me,” “In order to prevent Vincent from further injuries, Cat helps protect Tori when her life is threatened, revealing a new, unexpected mystery. Meanwhile, Vincent’s stubborn attempt to intervene leads to life-changing consequences, which causes Gabe and Cat to grow closer.”

For the entire scoop, head to TV Line!

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