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From The Village Voice in New York City:

The delicate father/son drama Brahmin Bulls relies on a series of small miracles, from an indoor cat finding her way home after being left on the side of the road to an estranged spouse putting her faith in a husband who has repeatedly sidestepped his promises. In Mahesh Pailoor’s accomplished first feature, written with his wife, Anu Pradhan, these moments serve as markers on a path to reconciliation for stern engineering professor Ashok Sharma (Roshan Seth) and his impetuous son Siddhartha, an architect who prefers the nondescript Sid (Sendhil Ramamurthy).

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And from the NYU News:

“Brahmin Bulls” offers a refreshing and honest peek into the relationship of a father and son. The film, directed by NYU alumnus Mahesh Pailoor, manages to balance poignant, raw and realistic moments in the lives of two men with both levity and sincerity.

This story follows Ashok Sharma (Roshan Seth), who visits his son Sid (Sendhil Ramamurthy) on the other side of the country. Ashok has not spoken to Sid in a long time, though this visit is not just a gesture of reconciliation. Ashok also has plans to reconnect with an old flame.

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