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While the 2008 writer’s strike halted production on countless film and television projects, ironically, it actually served as the impetus for Sendhil Ramamurthy‘s newest film.

“I was on the series when 2008 hit and we had to shut down work,” says Ramamurthy, who was playing Mohinder Suresh on NBC’s “Heroes” at the time. “We couldn’t work for months and months and months, so the script kind of came out of a mutual frustration on our part to do something. I was ostensibly just sitting on my butt waiting for this strike to end so we could go back to work, so we decided to try and put it to some sort of good use.”

The film, “Brahmin Bulls,” tells the story of an estranged father and son trying to mend their relationship after many years.

“I play the son, Sid, who’s a struggling architect who’s a little bit rudderless in his life at the moment,” says Ramamurthy, who stars in the film and also serves as producer. “My father, Ashok (played by Roshan Seth), shows up unannounced. It’s pretty apparent from the get go that these two do not have a good relationship.

“As the film progresses you find out about things that happened in the past and forgiveness that needs to occur that have not yet. It’s really a question of these two figuring out a way forward in their relationship”

Ramamurthy will be at The Pelham Picture House on Thursday for a screening and Q&A, but he talked to us first.

For the rest of the interview, head over to their website!

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