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Another great interview from the folks at Pop Culture Beast! Check out this one they did with Sendhil while promoting Her Nightly Embrace! 

Actor Sendhil Ramamurthy has a familiar face and voice to all avid fans of TV shows like Heroes, Heroes Reborn, Beauty and the Beast, Covert Affairs, and so many others.

He’s set to star in the Ravi PI series currently in development, based on the book Her Nightly Embrace by Adi Tantimedh (out November 1st). He’s also providing the voice of the audiobook, which gives us all an added incentive to start listening to books more often.

Whether he’s chasing bad guys, fighting inner demons, or pursuing science, he always gives us a reason to tune in.

We caught up with Sendhil for a Quick Six Interview, and asked a bit about his new role in Ravi PI:

Who is the gatekeeper/advice-giver when it comes to potential jobs?

I have a close group of actor friends that I consult about scripts and job offers: Jack Coleman, Santiago Cabrera, JJ Feild, & Leonard Roberts

What is an actor’s relationship to their agent? What is yours?

Actors’ relationships with their agents run from speaking to them every day to only emailing when auditions come through. I have a very close relationship with my London agent, Roger Charteris. We talk and email a lot and go out for dinner and drinks when I am in the UK. He’s represented me since I left drama school and he’s a friend. I have a good relationship with my US agent as well, but its business with him which is fine. I actually don’t mind that at all. As long as we can communicate openly and the agent understands and is on board with what I want to achieve, I’m happy.

Check out the interview in it’s entirety at Pop Culture Beast here!

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