Pop Culture Beast Interviews Adi Tantimedh!

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Pop Culture Beast did a great 6-Question Interview with Her Nightly Embrace author Adi Tantimedh! Check out a portion below!

Adi Tantimedh has written graphic novels (JLA: Age of Wonder, La Muse), radio plays and TV scripts, a weekly column for Bleeding Cool, and now wrote the private detective novel, Her Nightly Embrace, out November 1st. It’s the start of the Ravi PI series, which is also in development as a TV show and audio drama podcasts.

Adi writes interesting and quirky characters in some of the most awkward and amusing situations. They’re fully dimensional, far from perfect people that make for a thoroughly entertaining and relatable read.

We caught up with him for a Quick Six Interview, and asked a bit about the book:

What inspires you recently?

Alan Moore and his near-infinite micro and macro scope of his massive new novel JERUSALEM.

Who decides on your book cover art?

In the end, it’s the publisher who decides. I pitch ideas, then we discuss and arrive at a concept we’re all happy with.

Read the rest of the interview over at Pop Culture Beast here!

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