The Teal Mango Interviews Sendhil about Reverie and the Rise of Diversity in TV

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Saloni Gajjar at The Teal Mango spoke with Sendhil about Reverie and what it’s like being a “torch bearer” for South Asians on television.

Sendhil Ramamurthy’s foray into our collective television screens began with singular episodes on “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Numb3rs,” and “Ultimate Force.” It wasn’t until 2006, when NBC’s sci-fi drama “Heroes” premiered, that he became a household name thanks to his character Mohinder Suresh.

Since then, he hasn’t really slowed down. His credits include “Covert Affairs,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “The Office,” and “CSI: Miami.” With this impressive roster and years of experience, Ramamurthy also carries the torch of being one of the first South Asians who represented the diaspora on-screen and continues to do so with his return to NBC in his new show “Reverie”, which premiered on May 30.

In this thrilling virtual reality drama, he plays Paul Hammond, the designer of a program known as Reverie. It allows user’s minds to step into a simulated reality made up of their memories and desires. Reverie is so great, though, that their minds are stuck in the program and the users go into a coma. Ex-hostage negotiator Mara Kint (Sarah Shahi) is brought in to help, to go into their simulated reality and bring them out, while she deals with her own traumatic past.

We spoke to Ramamurthy about playing non-archetype, three-dimensional characters, how “Reverie” displays the pros and cons of modern technology, working with Shahi and the rest of a very talented, very diverse cast, and the rise of South Asian representation in the media.

Read the interview here!

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