Sendhil Ramamurthy chats with Play-PerView

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Tune in on Thursday, May 28th at 3 pm EST for a chat between Sendhil Ramamurthy and Play-PerView on their Instagram page to help raise money for The Pitt-Hopkins Research Foundation. Sendhil worked with Play-PerView for his Zoom theater debut of “The Other Place” with Grey’s Anatomy star, Kate Walsh back in April. Sendhil’s other recent stage work includes Hatef*ck which played off-Broadway in 2019.

Play-PerView is an organization that believes in the power of community, and highlights the ways in which artists can support one another both in times of triumph and crisis with love, joy, and innovation in the digital age. Play-PerView programs a variety of one-time-only events—including play readings, monologue nights, panel discussions, and more to provide live-streamed content for audiences who love the experience of live entertainment and, due to the restrictions created by physical distancing practices, can no longer attend in person.

In response to the global pandemic—as well as a desire to bring live theatrical experiences to audiences outside of the major hubs of New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles—this organization will raise funds for organizations such as The Actors Fund, Broadway Cares, non-profit theatres and theatrical unions who are helping to relieve those in need of financial assistance due to job loss, medical bills, and other essential needs. 

Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation Those of you who are curious about Pitt-Hopkins can head to our Charity Page to learn about why this Syndrome is so close to Sendhil’s heart. Pitt Hopkins Syndrome (or PTHS) is a neurodevelopmental disorder. With nearly 1000 families with PTHS in their online groups and family registry, the number is growing every day as genetic diagnoses increase. Tcf4, the gene that causes Pitt Hopkins is implicated in various other disorders too, including Schizophrenia, Autism, Fuchs Corneal Dystrophy, and Liver Disease.

The study of this important gene could have wide-reaching effects for Pitt Hopkins and beyond. Even though the cause of PTHS is known, there are currently no pharmaceutical treatments available for this disorder. The Pitt Hopkins Foundation is committed to accelerating progress toward effective treatments and ultimately a cure for PTHS, by directly funding the most promising research.

Sendhil’s involvement with the PHRF came almost at its inception as founders, Eric and Audrey Lapidus are family friends of Sendhil.

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