Pitt Hopkins Syndrome

In addition to promoting all things Sendhil Ramamurthy, our secondary mission is fundraising for Pitt-Hopkins Research Foundation.

Pitt-Hopkins is a cause that is very close to Sendhil’s heart as it affects a special little boy who is very close to him named Calvin Lapidus. Starting with our launch in 2012, SendhilRamamurthy.net set out to raise money for Pitt-Hopkins Research Foundation through a series of auctions. While we will continue to have auctions, we wanted to give you some information on Pitt-Hopkins and more importantly, Calvin.

Calvin is an exceptional boy who was diagnosed in 2012. While the diagnosis was devastating, it propelled his parents to action. They reached out to other families with Pitt-Hopkins children and to scientists who were willing to research Pitt-Hopkins. Calvin’s family and others like them have created the Pitt-Hopkins Research Foundation as a place to gather, raise awareness and money that can be given as grants to scientists who are researching other chromosomal disorders like Pitt-Hopkins.

Unlike larger charities for more well-known causes, the PHRF is in its infancy. Every dollar donated goes to the cause. There are no advertising campaigns, no commercials, no nationwide events to raise money.

We aim to raise awareness for Pitt-Hopkins through this page so that fans of Sendhil can spread the word and donate if you’d like! For more information on Pitt-Hopkins and to donate, please head over to the Pitt Hopkins Research Foundation for stories of children like Calvin, information on the research that is being conducted and to donate to the cause.


A Note to Sendhil Fans from the Lapidus Family

FOS’s (FANS OF SENDHIL) you have picked a wonderful guy to be a fan of. We met him in the park with his daughter when our daughter was little. The girls became fast friends and so did we. A few years later our son Calvin was diagnosed with Pitt Hopkins. Since then he has done everything he could to help us bring awareness to this devastating syndrome. Thank you for taking the time to check out our page and possibly even donate. We like to say, “We don’t hope for miracles. We fight for them.”

Hope and Gratitude,
Audrey and Eric Lapidus

A Note from Sendhil

Thank you for visiting the charity page of my website and supporting Pitt-Hopkins research. I became involved in raising money for Pitt-Hopkins research after my dear friends, Eric & Audrey Lapidus’ son was diagnosed with the disease. Pitt-Hopkins is a very rare disease but a devastating one nonetheless. Since few people know about the disease, I hope to raise awareness through my website. Please take the time to visit the PHRF website and donate whatever you can. No amount is too small (or too big)!

Thanks again for your time and support.

Sendhil Ramamurthy

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